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UPVC Roofing Sheets

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We are Offering 3rd Generation Multilayer uPVC Roofing Sheets with Heat Insulation Property. SIPL introduced Multilayer uPVC roofing sheets which come with a modern rigid three layer Un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride (uPVC). We produce uPVC roofing sheets with advanced technology of manufacturing and providing best quality and performance of the roofing product. This uPVC roofing sheets are the best option to metal G.I. sheets, ceramic sheets and fiber glass sheets. It comes with sound insulation, heat insulation, chemical resistance, fire retardant, water resistance, eco friendly , light weight so easy to move and install and cost effective in installation so you can save construction cost up to 70%. Roof & Wall Cladding • Laying of Purlins: Fix the bottom purlin fiest. The roof truss structure adopts sectional steel or wood as purlin, the purlin is required to be flat without deformation, and two purlins must be in parallel with uniform span. • Wind Load: SIPL uPVC roofing sheets (2 mm) can withstand a load intensity of 220kg/sq, mtr with our showing any structural distress of failure prevailing winds. • Curved Roof: When the frame design is established, continuously setup the lines courses to get the right positions of purlins, SIPL uPVC roofing sheets (2 mm) are recommended for curved structures with minimum radius of 3mtr.on 12 feet. SIPL uPVC Roofing sheets comes with affordable price and it has attractive design and appearance and produced with latest Technology with advantageous properties. #UPVC-Roofing-Sheets-in-morbi #UPVC-Roofing-Sheets-in-rajkot #UPVC-Roofing-Sheets-in-Nadiad #UPVC-Roofing-Sheets-in-Surat #UPVC-Roofing-Sheets-in-Anand

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