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"JSW" Colour Coated Roofing Sheets INR   305 INR  305

"JSW" Colour Coated Roofing Sheets

SIPL–AZS-1 & SIPL-AZS-2 Profile are made from high tensile steel sheets coated with 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc & 1.5% Silicon Alloys. SIPL-GI-3 Profile made of Indian Ultrashine Company with XL Size 4 Feet Width Sheets. BARE GALVALUME ( JSW ) Colour – Natural Silver Coating- AZ150 Base Material – ASTMA792M Grade Class I ( Max. 550 MPa YS ) PRE-PAINTED ( PPGL – JSW ) Colour – Any RAL Color Coating- AZ150 Base Material – ASTMA792M Grade Class I ( Max. 550 MPa YS ) Colour Coating – T/C 18-20 Micron PRE-PAINTED ( PPGI ) ULTRASHINE XL Colour – Any RAL Color Coating- 120 GSM with Guard Film Base Material – ASTMA792M Grade Class I ( Max. 550 MPa YS ) Colour Coating – T/C 18-20 Micron ADVANTEGS: WEATHERPROOF = Long Lasting Protection against extreme weather conditions VARIETY OF COLOURS = Available in a wide range of Colors EASY TO INSTALL = One time easy Installation & require lighter Structure STRENGTH = Lightweight High Tensile Sheets made from Pure Steel Introduction Samirika infrastructure Private Ltd. is a forward integration venture of Samirika Group. Based on the experience of servicing the requirements of some of the leading companies in the country, Samirika had the opportunity to understand the complexities of customer requirements. Based on its experience in understanding the challenges in Supply, Installation and Performance of Roofing and Cladding solutions available in the market over the years, technical team at Samirika decided to take up the challenge of designing the Roofing and Cladding system, which will provide some basic advantages to its customers. • Advantages o Very well defined trapezoidal design. o Design that ensures sturdiness to withstand pressure. o Profile that is elegant and not very complex. o Profile that ensures virtually leak-proof system. o Basic material which are maintenance-free and long-lasting. o Fastening system which can match the international standard. o Delivery of Products as per the given commitments. o Our latest technology driven machines provide us with optimum capacity utilization, thereby making us producer of cost-effective products. Integrated range of products and services. • Results •As a result, Samirika came up to offer its own range of Roofing and Cladding systems which will be offered for its Pre-engineered Building Projects and also offered to its customers for Industrial application. This is first Roll Forming facility in the state of Gujarat. •The flagship company of the group, Samirika infrastucture Pvt. Ltd. is a leading service provider for Erection of Pre-engineered Buildings and Installation of Roofing and Cladding systems for more than 12 years. •As a result, Samirika Group becomes the only group which Manufactures and also undertakes the installation contracts on highly professional terms in the state of Gujarat and one of the very few in the country today. •Standard Accessories List Of Standard Roofing And Cladding Accessories •Cladding Accessories Ridge Cap Ridge Trim •Corner Flashing Gable Trim Eaves Gutter •Valley Gutter Door/Window Flashings Crimp Surved Flashing

INR 305 INR 305


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