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glass wool insulation, glass wool insulation

glass wool insulation


One of the best known products for thermal & acoustic insulation. Glasswool is light gold in colour and also is a light weight, compressible GLASSWOOL INSULATION consisting of fine, long, inorganic glass fibers bonded together by a high temperature binder.

Glass wool insulation is available in rolls, slabs and boards. while in  contrast various densities and thicknesses and with almost wide range of factory GLASSWOOL INSULATION aluminum foil, fiberglass tissue, black glass tissue. and almost wide range of imported premium facings.

Technical Specification

Acoustic Insulation values of Glasswool Insulation 48kg/m3-50 mm thick = 0.72 NRC [100 to 8000 Hz.]
Mean Temperature in deg C Thermal Conductivity in W/MK Thermal Resistance in sq.m. K/W; Thickness : 50mm
10 0.027 1.85
25 0.030 1.67
30 0.033 1.52
100 0.040 1.25

Temperature Range:-
Glasswool is suitable for applications ranging from minus 195°C to 230°C. For special applications up to 450°C. Almost high temperature binder is available. Aluminum foil facing is suitable up to 120°C.

The fibres are gathered in a mat form in a collection chamber and then conveyed to an oven where it is cured under controlled conditions to the required thickness and density. As a result, Samirika came up to offer its own range of Roofing and Cladding systems which will be offered. Most noteworthy, for the reason that its Pre-engineered Building Projects and also offered due to its customers for Industrial application. Hence, so this is first Roll Forming facility in the state of Gujarat.
Energy efficiency improvements have been one of Isover`s main focuses for many years and energy consumption has dropped by 20% per ton of product with an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions.

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